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ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Recently, it was suggested that Heath look into completing the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Test.  Not familiar with such, we did a little research.  What we uncovered is invaluable and absolutely on point.  The information on the website Acetoohigh.com is vast and, instead of trying to interpret, I’ve simply placed the information below that I… Continue reading ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

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May – Mental Health Month

I am writing this message to encourage all to commit each day to better understanding the struggle of those with mental health issues. There isn’t anyone alive that hasn’t endured traumatic situations on some level and, based on the support system and coping tool available, was impacted by them. You see, in our walk through… Continue reading May – Mental Health Month

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What happened, not what’s wrong.

I don’t know how many of you watched the recent 60 minutes episode Treating Childhood Trauma but, for me, Oprah’s words hooked me and drew me in. For a long time, I have known of Oprah’s past abuse, and the powerful example she has set for those of us that were sexually abused as children. What… Continue reading What happened, not what’s wrong.