…..and, we’re back!

Welcome to the new blog, or shall I say “welcome back.” We have been busy trying to switch the website (heathstocks.info) to a new host and, in doing so, many changes have occurred. So I ask for your patience as we attempt this transition. Sometimes change can be difficult, but I can assure you all changes made are intended for bigger and better things; a progression toward aiding not only Heath and his fight for justice, but also for other victims of sexual abuse, worldwide.

I hope to have an update drafted soon detailing the many aspects of Heath’s case. Although there may not be a current case, per se, with a case number and such, justice for Heath is always an ongoing “case.” In this 19th year of Heath’s incarceration, I can report, however, that there are more changes than just the website.

We are focused on two ways to achieve justice; (1) new evidence uncovered, which would get the case back (or into) the courtroom or, (2) clemency via the Arkansas Parole Board and Governor. Both require a microscopic analysis, an open mind, and witnesses coming forward. Careful inspection of the many details surrounding his case has produced promising leads, not only in the form of evidence, but also in witnesses. Justice for Heath continues to gain support, which is not only required, but absolutely necessary.

Your support is encouraged and certainly needed not only for Heath, but for his family. Knowledge is power, but truth opens doors, so we will continue to knock.


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