Love and be loved.

I want to thank everyone for the understanding and patience a we work thought some technical issues, and I am sorry that the updates haven’t been as regular as they were. I am going to remedy that this week, and I will get back to the other areas of interest that need to be addressed.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Valentines day, and that each of you had someone that loved you just the way you needed. If you didn’t have someone special to share the day with, then take the time to look around you and see if you can make some changes.

Love requires communication to take root and grow, and if you look I am sure that there is someone that you can share such a powerful bond with. I have never known anyone that didnt want to be loved in a way that empowered and made them more than who they were alone. You just have to be careful and take your time, and as I have told others, love is an action not just words that bear no fruit.

It is just as important that you know what love means to you, and what expectations you have for those that say they love you. So much of the time we assume that we know what others need or want, but that is the path to trouble and can be avoided by learning to better communicate both feelings and needs. Along those lines I would like to share with you a few things that we had in the last compassionate communication hand out.

We have to learn the difference between objective and subjective thinking, and what it means to observe verses interpret situations or people around us.

Do we know what we feel?

Can we label it ourselves so we can identify just what emotion is dominate?

What about the need that isn’t being met that leads us to feel what we are?

These are serious questions we all have to ask ourselves day in and out, because the more aware we are, the more control we have of ourselves and our lives. The next time you have a problem with someone you love, then try to write down the following and fill in the blanks.

” I noticed____, and I interpreted it as____. I feel ____ when I see / hear / smell / notice / ____ because my need for ____ is / is not being met.

Observation + Interpretation + Feeling + Need = Resolution

Most people never get any training that helps them to communicate this way, but it can be done and would make so many peoples’ lives easier.

Take care and know that I do care and love you all.



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