30 Amazing People In the Bible – CALEB

If you have followed my devotional blogs in the past, you will recall I spoke of the 30 Amazing People In the Bible.  This is a continuation of that blog category, which we plan to re-post past entries, so check back soon.

In this update, I would like to share what I knew, wanted to know, and what I learned about CALEB. What did I know about CALEB?

CALEB was one of the spies sent into the Promised Land, and one of only two that had faith in God giving the land to them. He was bold in his faith, determined to follow God, and he proves his worth as a leader.

I want to know how he developed such faith as an outsider? How did he cope with the lack of faith the rest of God’s people showed? What were the giants like? If the Anaheim were the same as Nephilim, does that mean that there was a whole race of angel made people? Who was Anak and who were his descendants? Who were the Aankite Kings? Where can I learn about their history and other peoples God wanted destroyed?

What did I learn? Caleb means “dog” and he was from a kind of people that God wanted driven out. He believed that God would deliver the giants into His people’s hands, and he took on the greatest challenge faced by them: the Anakites, and he was the one that carried out God’s commands to the fullest.

The giants were humans of abnormal size and strength; in Gen. 6:4, they were giant god like beings formed from abnormal unions. Anak was a son of Arba, who gave his name to Hebron (Josh. 15: 3-14), had 3 sons, and his descendants were giants, the Anakim. The Anakim were a race of fierce giants descended from Anak (Deu. 1:28, 2: 10-11; Josh. 14:12, 15), and so huge that the spies sent out considered themselves as grasshoppers compared to the Anakim (Num. 13:33). Under Joshua, however, the Israelites destroyed many of the Anakim. A remnant of these giants took refuge among the Philistines. The Nephilim, meaning “fallen ones”, were the offspring of marriages between sons of God and daughters of men (Gen. 6:4). Some believe Nephilim are descended from famous rulers, outstanding leaders, and mighty warriors who lived before the flood.

Truth can’t be measured by the number of people that say the same thing. It often stands against the group, because truth is unchanged as it is based in God’s character. Sometimes a person must stand alone on the side of truth, because it goes against everyone else’s opinions and desires. We can learn from Caleb that a majority opinion isn’t an accurate measure of right and wrong. And for courage and faith to be effective, they must combine words and actions. Know what you believe about God, and have faith in His ability.


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