Christmas has passed, but…

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for the Christmas packages that came in this week. I can’t thank you enough for the love and support, and if you simply sent me money I appreciate that as well. I try to get things like T-shirts, a couple big towels, quality boxers, and order magazines for the coming year with that money. I will also be sharing the way that rewards me this Christmas, which is giving. I hope to make the time a little better for those that don’t get anything. There are those that don’t get a package or money in, so I will put together some food and get some popcorn to pass out when the movies are playing. Thank you for helping me to help others by showing compassion and love to those that more often than not have forgotten what both feel like.

I also want to offer thanks to my family for getting me the newspaper each year for Christmas, and coming down to see me when they are able. There is no greater gift than time with those that love you, and I appreciate everyone that finds time to get those couple of hours behind glass with me. Two more months and I will be able to get a hug again, and I have two grandmas that are in desperate need of a warm embrace. 🙂 The closest thing I have gotten to a hug is being patted down when I leave the barracks, but that doesn’t quite fill the need of loving affection if you know what I mean.

I pray that everyone that has older family members takes the time to regularly love on them and hold them, because you never know when they will be gone and the chance won’t come again. It has been proven that infants need constant human touch to develop properly, seniors need it to maintain the desire and will to live, and we all on some level need someone to love us enough that they are willing to touch us. Never dismiss the power of human touch, and the gift you can give simply shaking a hand, giving a hug, and for those lucky enough a kiss on the cheek. I pray everyone gets their love tank filled this Christmas time, and the New Year offers us all people that can love us in the ways only they can. 🙂 A special thanks to those that day in and day out provide me with their loving support, encouragement, empowerment, and hope for the days ahead. New or old friends, it is the love and communication you give me that enables me to be a better man and grow into shoes alone I might never find.

Heath [written 12/18/15]

To read more about Heath please visit his website.


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