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There is a growing shift in juvenile justice reform coined the “raise the age” initiative, in which legislators are pushing to raise the age of juvenile jurisdiction.  While most states advocate age 17 or 18, there are some states campaigning jurisdiction for juveniles age 21 and under. Much has recently been discovered revealing the brain doesn’t finish developing until the mid-20s.

Heath Stocks had been 20 years old for 66 days on the date of the Stocks’ family murders.  There are numerous mitigating factors of culpability on Heath’s behalf, not the least his age.

At the bottom of this page, links have been provided for your review, supporting the above-mentioned initiative, but do not stop there. We urge you to do your own research and, if you are supportive, take a moment and contact the following Arkansas State Senators and State Representatives and let your voice of support be heard.

With sincere appreciation,

Hope 4 Heath Supporters

21 and Under_Page_221 and Under_Page_1

21 and Under_Page_3


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