A journey begins.

Wednesday, we began a journey toward a place searched for, yet not found until now, in claiming our just reward. After two decades of searching and gathering, a Petition for a Writ of Error Coram Nobis, for the trial court to reinvest jurisdiction, was filed. This is the product of research, hard work, love and support, and professional assistance from many different sources. We have hope that this writ will relate the details long suppressed in an effort for the Stocks and Harris families to have peace and justice.

In a rare and moving display of grace and love, a representative of each family carried this petition to Lonoke and filed it on behalf of Heath. The families provided a letter to the Prosecuting Attorney, supporting this writ and its purpose, as well as asking a town and county to grant mercy.

After 20 years in prison, the families are showing by their actions that, as victims, they recognize that Heath, too, was a victim. Too long have secrets shielded so many from the truth, and we believe that the truth should and will set Heath free – at least offer the chance for it. The purpose of this writ is to seek a withdrawal of the plea, based on the many and severe violations that occurred, ultimately negotiating a plea that considers the mitigating evidence that was suppressed.

The things that were suppressed completely changed the elements of the crimes and case and this is an effort to allow the court to right the wrongs of those who were more loyal to the Walls than justice. It is the hope of the families that, in light of all the evidence not considered, the court will resolve this locally with a just result.

Sadly, such things can’t be done and not upset some, but our efforts are meant to resolve this for the families and allow Heath the opportunity of parole. Too many have suffered enough at the hands of Jack and others under his guise; it is time that we discover the full healing that comes through God’s grace.

We ask that you support the family’s wishes, support Heath’s chance to discover a purpose beyond the abuse that imprisoned him. Please pray that the Prosecuting Attorney and Judge assigned to the case use their wisdom to consider the evidence and show that 20 years later, minds no longer hear the whisperings of a Judge that enabled his son to rape its town. It is our hope that in the process people come to know just what Heath, Wade, and many others truly endured. It is our prayer that the truth sets us all free.


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