Investing in hearts and the future

I would like to take a moment to thank my family for their understanding, empathy, and for investing their hearts and love into fighting for me all these years. A week ago, today, marks the start of what has long been denied – the search for justice in the face of great tribulation and a family coming together to defend their lost son.

We have worked together over the years, seeking to grasp and break down all that led up to the events on that night 20 years ago. With the help of Samantha Jones, I have been able to uncover documents that were long thought destroyed and clearly outline a history of suppression, misconduct, bias, and prejudiced interpretation of the law. After research to discover what my rights were/are, what we could prove, and by helping the family to understand, we come now together, united in purpose, in an effort to honor those now gone.

For two decades my family and I have endured the judgment and banishment meeted out in the form of 3 Life Without Parole sentences, knowing that those charges were fabricated, hiding far more than they revealed. The writ and evidence will speak for itself and when the names have been redacted to protect the identity of Jack’s victims, a copy will be shared for all to read.

Too often identity becomes a means to suppress the truth and, in that truth, the details allow all to understand what was done and how. It is my hope that those in the public, in office, and in the media see this for what it is and that is God’s grace.

Last Wednesday, in what may be the first of its kind to ever happen, the victims, along with a letter of support, personally filed the appeal on behalf of the one sentenced for them. It is their hope that this action, as an expression of unconditional and compassionate love, also shows their understanding of why those things happened and for what reasons.

Will those in power honor the wishes of two families made victims twice by the loss of 4 lives and the true motive behind their deaths being suppressed, grant their family member a chance to prove he was nothing more than Jack Walls’ most vulnerable victim?

I believe in my heart that with Judge Walls gone, Jack now in prison for our rapes, the prejudical and conflicting interests exposed, that we will see the system right an injustice as wrong as the deaths themselves. I couldn’t have done this without my family, and I pray God bless them for walking in Christ and petitioning with action as profound as the legal words they were filing.




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