Sincerely, Jack

I still remember the day that Jack told my mom or dad to have me come by and, once there, I witnessed a rare sight; Jack pacing and venting in his shop, telling me to read a letter he had penned to Cledis Hogan. He was clearly bothered by the whole ordeal, not used to anyone denying him anything, and now he was being called to task for the blunder.

Cledis, Doug Hogan’s dad, had called Jack and demanded that he resign from the Scouts and, if he didn’t, threatened to blow his head off. Did I sense fear from this man who prided himself in knowing all and controlling everyone? I mean, what was he really worried about if he hadn’t done anything?

Today, with a copy of the letter before me, I wonder how anyone in law enforcement could miss the implications. Not only had he admitted to us that he had given Doug wine like he normally did, but he said that he had offered to masturbate him, or they jerk off together. Those few interviewed by the police, two out of the whole group, stated that Jack had admitted to propositioning Doug. Let’s see, a Scoutmaster brought alcohol to an isolated location, introduced it to a minor for consumption and then, in a state of lowered will, sought to sexually exploit him. Jack admitted it to boys who wrote statements that were forwarded to the State police, yet the prosecuting attorney dismissed the investigation.

It was decided that Jack’s actions did not constitute a crime. Larry Cook and those in the prosecutor’s office had decided, but what about Jack’s letter? Have you read it? If not take the time to, and ask yourself a couple of questions.

If your son was on a camp out with Jack, came home saying that he gave him alcohol and offered to masturbate him, would YOU consider that breaking the law?

If you were one of the boys who had been molested and raped by Jack, heard him say that police and the prosecutor would do what his dad told them to, what would you have done?

If Jack came up with the very statement that you gave police, outlining what you saw and heard and then confronted you with it, would you have been intimidated?

If you were one of the other boys, told what to say by your parents and Jack, what message would you have gotten regarding the fact that Jack was able to obtain a copy of the investigation against him?

Think about it, consider all the documents we have online and ask yourself if Jack wasn’t indeed right about what happened.

Did Judge Walls have the power to protect his pedophile son, enabling him to ply with alcohol, manipulate, proposition, and lastly molest in every way a boy can be?

The following are my questions and comments about Jack’s letter to Cledis:

Jack begins the letter apologizing to “all of you” for the incident, but the letter is addressed to Cledis. He allows the reader to feel that he is apologizing to them, yet clearly isn’t directing it at Cledis or Doug. He is talking AT all those that he expects to read the letter, and at the same time wants to be able to explain his meaning as well. Just what is he apologizing for?

In his own words, Jack stated his actions represent a “flaw in his character” that must be corrected. A flaw that he must begin to correct immediately, so we know that he wants us to know there is a sense of urgency. Does this sound like a man that took alcohol to a campout, allowing boys to go into his stash, yet sorry they came home hungover? No, we are talking a “flaw in character,” which by definition can be a “mental or ethical trait marking and often individualizing a person.” What could Jack have done that reflected a flaw of his moral character?

Jack goes on to state that “a great deal of trust is placed in a man who works with young people,” and that he in turn “violated it.” By changing the label from boys to young people, is Jack trying to justify or imply that they are older and therefore responsible for their decisions? When Jack thought of “violating” the trust put in him, do you think he saw himself pouring wine into a cup or cupping the privates of a boy?

Continuing, Jack states that he is ashamed of the violation, letting everyone from Scouts to his own family down, and he must change his life. As a parent, what would you read into those words? A man made a mistake so bad that he had let down even his own family, recognized the need to change his life, yet all this for some alcohol? Sure, it is the Scouts, sponsored by the local Baptist church, but they had overlooked Jack bringing alcohol to campouts before, right? You did know that he had been reported for that before, oh you didn’t, well they took care of it. Read the statement for yourself. Nothing but a whisper.

Finally, Jack closes with the promise that he has resigned all his positions in Scouts, and would not be involved in any future activities. In fact, the only thing that Jack resigned from was his position with the local troop, but he remained involved in the campouts at his father’s farm, with the Explorer groups, Order of the Arrow and Brotherhood, and the Philmont groups. Jack and his wife, Pam, convinced my mother to allow Jack to attend Philmont (across state lines in New Mexico) under my father’s name, Joe Stocks, and Pam forged the documents stating that her own husband was Joe Stocks.

Pam was the leader of that Explorer group, after all, so it was her job to list all those in it on the proper documentation. Clearly, Jack has no problem apologizing for things in a way that allows him to claim he only meant this or that. He claimed that he was leaving the Scouts, but he didn’t and found ways to sneak around doing exactly what he had been. All with the parents’ blessings, because if he had been guilty then the police and prosecutor would have prosecuted him, right?

I remember reading the letter, slowly to get the meaning, and amazed that he was asking a victim if he was saying too much. As such, I had hoped that he had, that it would spell the end to my own nightmare, but it showed how desperate he was to share the anxiety that the fear created. In case you didn’t know, when an adult takes kids to an isolated place, introduces them to a mind-altering agent for the purposes of sex, it is against the law and is found under Rape. It’s even illegal for one adult to do such to another adult, but Larry Cook didn’t think so, not once, but twice.

The second letter Jack wrote was sent to Chuck Graham, Lonoke County Prosecutor when I filed my appeal with the court. If you haven’t read the letter, then please take the time to and consider the words of the man who raped hundreds of boys, destroyed families, created addicts, traumatized girls and women, and who used his family as a cover to do it. He molested his daughters’ boyfriends, invited his boys over to mess with his daughters’ friends, encouraged us to seduce lonely mothers, and that it was ok to have sex with our sisters. He has killed, directly or indirectly, at least 4 people, and planned the deaths of at least 2 others. This is the man that made boys masturbate in his den, watching porn videos on silent because he got off on doing it while his family was home. He molested and raped us in his shop, on his father’s farm, in his truck, at his father’s shed behind his house, and when we avoided him got permission to come into our homes.

As you read his letter, I ask that you remember what Jack did to the Hogan family when Doug rejected his advances. Now, consider the fact that I confessed that Jack was molesting me to my mother and sister. My mother came home and caught Jack raping me in my own bed, and reported that to our minister. Jack didn’t want anyone to believe that he was capable of raping boys, either, but he did it for decades to hundreds.

My mother and Cledis were the only two that turned to people in positions of authority to expose Jack’s abuses. My mom was the only parent, in all those years, that came home to find him raping her son. What would you have done? Who would you have turned to? Where did we fail? I am asking you to allow those things to provide context to his letter, and ask yourself if you really believe that Jack is innocent of murder – or, in the least, a conspirator or accomplice.

In the letter to Mr. Chuck Graham, Jack says that he received word that I had filed my appeal and then amended it. Clearly, Jack still has those willing to keep him informed of what is going on in Lonoke, and they were willing to relate the substance of my appeal as well. What comes next is telling once you think it over, but it really isn’t much different than the letter to Cledis 26 years before. Jack says that he wants to refute the allegations against him, in a notarized statement, but he would need a copy of what I filed and what the new evidence was.

SO, Jack wanted to do what he did in the Hogan case, find out what everyone was saying so that he knew what to deny or twist. I have prayed that Jack would open his mouth and confess the other rapes he carried out, his part in the Hogans’ stalking and attempted murders, my family’s deaths, Wade Knox’s suicide, and any of the other secrets he and his father used money and influence to hide. We have tried to get Jack to talk to the media and answer questions for years, explain what he did and why; help victims and their families get closure from understanding his sickness, but now he wants to talk, personally and confidentially to the prosecutor. Thank God it isn’t Larry Cook there in the office, but he is still there on the scene, lurking in the shadows.

Jack states that I murdered my family with no help from him, before-during-or-after. What does he mean by help? Help would imply something asked for, Mr. Walls, and what I was asking for was freedom from your abuses. No, he wasn’t much help, never was, to any of us nor our families. Carefully, ever so carefully, Jack is seeking to gather information, find out what we know, and what has been found that they worked so hard to destroy, to begin with. He even had the gall to demand an answer to his letter. Projecting power that he doesn’t have, offering help when he only wants to save his own skin, and there is a reason that he plead the way he did in my rape. Pleading guilty would have been like writing a letter saying exactly what he did, and not leaving himself any room to deny or maneuver.

I know that there are people out there that still believe Jack is innocent of all the charges that were brought against him. Most of them being family members or close friends, who can’t accept that the man they knew and loved did all those things. I hope that you never entrusted your sons to him, or that your daughters never went to stay the night. If they did and you never asked, you might take the time to ask if they, too, found themselves in situations that changed their lives forever. Be glad that he is locked away, relating to other child predators what he did to each and every one of us, and celebrating those favorites and how powerful he still is. He’s seduced mental health workers to exploit and manipulate, engaged in predatory actions with young, white males in prison, and to this day says that he was the victim.

Jack even takes time to write the media, for veteran affairs in prison, and he claims that he doesn’t get the treatment that he and others deserve. As I stated in my letter to the writer that posted it, Jack didn’t volunteer for his time in the service, he avoided rape charges in college by fleeing to Vietnam with the help of his father. I recall the man that talked of loving the smell of burning flesh to scare boys, and how he took care of his friends when no girls were around. What he says is never what he means, and what he means is rarely what he says.

Please don’t forget who he is or what he is capable of, and ask yourself if such a man wouldn’t be capable of manipulating a couple of abused boys into doing what they never would on their own. Ask yourself what decades of mental conditioning and severe molestations did to our minds, hearts, and souls as well as our ability to make reasonable decisions with a subverted will.

All I am asking is that you read the letters, read every page that has his name on it, and see for yourself what we faced, what the system refused to acknowledge.

…………I can almost see him pacing the barracks; an old man anxious about his secrets, asking some young kid to read his letter and tell him if it sounds like he is admitting anything.


  1. I think Heath Stocks should be free. I think he was a victim and I think Jack Walls should have been stopped long before he was.


  2. Hello Heath,

    My name is Sarah. I watched a program last night that ripped me up inside. I looked at a man on tv, a man being portrayed as a monster. But when I looked into his eyes, and saw his face I didnt see a monster. I saw me! I saw my pain in your eyes. I saw sadness and anger, regret and self blame. The same things I feel everyday of every minute I breath. I was sexually abused as a child. Most of which Ive never talked about not even to my husband. I was a street kid, a homeless 13 year old forced to do things No child should ever have to do. I bounced around in foster homes and group homes where the abuse of all different kinds continued. For over 20 years Ive tried to fix myself. No amount of counciling or medicine can take my hurt away. Ive tried it all, even suicide. I’m 39 now and I still cant function “normally” with out some kind of medication. I take everyday one day at a time. Never knowing how each day will make me feel. I think you’re so brave for sharing your story. Maybe one day I can share mine.


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