Happy Halloween

I hope that everyone has a wonderful celebration with their children, and the trick-or-treating brings back powerful memories of the past. Most of us have those fond memories of being taken by our parents around the neighborhood, walking up to the doors, pushing the doorbell, and then hoping for two things. We want to be praised for and identified for our attempt at dressing up as, and then getting a sack full of the treats that our parents are sure will soon break their pocketbook at the dentist. NO, we aren’t worried about the cavities, it is pure sugary bliss.

Shamefully, I can recall running off and leaving my sister more than once over an excited dog, and who could blame them with the way we all looked. More often than not, I held her hand as we approached the door to ring the bell, and it was Heather who did most of the talking if folks were asking questions.

I don’t remember many of my costumes, strange as that may sound, but one stands out because of the time and effort mom put into it. She had handmade the costumes that year for us, and I was a red satin devil; with cape, horns, and a black plastic pitchfork. Mom had even used red make up to get my face and hands right, and everyone made a point to tell her how well we were dressed up. I think Heather was a princess that year, when was she not for that matter, and we racked up several sacks of treats. We both caught mom raiding the chocolate several times, offering muddy smiles and blushing apologies, but she deserved the spoils after her hard work.

I know many disagree with the holiday, your reasons have religious merit, yet how often do children get to dress up and be something different. How often do you get the opportunity to help them escape the reality of their daily lives, play dress up and role play, and reclaim what was once so common in their imaginations?

In today’s world, where tragedy and violence reign, I hope that you can find ways to encourage them to be children while they can and use their imaginations in ways that broaden their views of the world not isolate and distort it.

Parents, find time to enjoy those moments, and what better gift than spending time with your children simply enjoying life and social connection. No matter what, I hope you all find ways to enjoy the holiday with your loved ones because the purpose of a holiday is to do just that.

Love and hugs, Heath


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