Wanting more. Being more.

Happy New Year, everyone!

I wish you all the best in the pursuit of your dreams in this new year. You have the power to do anything that you set your mind and heart to and, if you take the time to write out goals for the weeks and months ahead, progress is imminent.

It is my hope that each of you go into this year eager to learn and grow, determined to be mindful of life’s details, devoted to love fearlessly and find yourself in the midst of all that the world has to offer.

Take the time to meditate on

WHO you are,

WHAT you want for your life,

WHAT makes you happy,

and HOW you might make the world a better place.

Look inside, unclutter mind and heart and, in that clarity, seek to do those things that enable you in ways never envisioned before. Block out all the voices that seek to persuade you of one path or purpose and, in the quiet of your own mind, seek that which is yours.

I heard a quote the other day that stated you will be the same person 5 years from now except for the people you meet and books you read. Each of those offers you a chance to grow emotionally and intellectually and, the more we can invest inwardly, the more we have to offer outwardly. The more tools you possess the greater an asset you become, no matter where you are and then, in every meeting with others, the exchanges become more rich and powerful.

What if you saw everyone that comes into your life as an opportunity to engage in the transaction of information and, in those moments, offer your best in return? If we are given that moment, an intersection of lives into a singular purpose, what could we do to right or wrong another’s path? What if we were to become so in tune with God and who we are that we could view life with that kind of inspired perception? It is a work of progress – we are all works of progress and, how we progress, depends on our commitment to those exchanges. All that it takes is a determination from you to wake daily into life with an awareness that God gave YOU the ability to co-create that day.

Every decision you make will impact and mold your reality, every choice a step along a path of your choosing, and since it is your mind talking to your feet don’t you want to know who is calling out the directions? 🙂

My message need not be complicated, I want everyone to believe in their ability to have that kind of power in their life, yet that kind of power requires your conscious awareness from waking up to going to sleep. Know yourself, who you are, what you are here for, and what you can do if you put your mind to it.

Oh what might you do, finding ways to praise and compliment everyone around you, and challenge yourself to see the best in everyone you meet? What if you were the peacemaker and listener that allowed others to share their woes in a way that empowered their resolution? What if you said good morning every day, to everyone, and then when given a chance found something great about that day? What if you woke up every day telling your loved ones that you love them, and asked your partner if they knew how much they meant to you?

When you wake up and consider what you are fueling yourself with for the day, do you ever consider listening to some positive inspiration so that mentally you are ready? When you get ready to go on a trip, do you not always look to see how you will get to where you are going? Study the map, check the detours, constructions, etc. You have to start somewhere to end up where you wish to be, and every day you could step into life with that kind of determined ambition. Why not try some little thing, something positive and enabling, and see just how long it takes for others to mimic what works.

We are social creatures; prone to follow what we witness but we can always choose to be the movement not the moment. Speak up when something wrong is happening, become the voice for someone that has forgotten their own. See what needs done and do it; be proud to fill that void with what you have, and believe that you were meant to do it. Life isn’t accidental after all.

Why you ask, and I say why not? I could be miserable here in prison, dwelling on what I don’t have or have lost, and be filled with despair that half my life has been spent inside these hard, cold walls. But, I know that this is not my ending, nor is this my place or purpose in the world. I want to be part of the solution to some of what ails this world and offer what encourages others to see more than what they normally do.

This year I want to be a part of the discussions that impact policy and legal decisions.
I want my life to become research that helps countless others who are fighting to overcome the trauma of abuse. It is my goal to inspire law reviews based on my case and, in time, cause the courts to consider the impact of domestic and sexual abuse on the decisions they make.
I want to offer evidence why the juvenile age should be pushed back to 21, and then see professionals step forward to make that a reality.
I want to finish my story so that we can share the inspiration of my fight for justice worldwide.
I want to become well versed in the law, neuroscience, psychology;  able to share about abuse in ways that empower other survivors to do the same.
I want others to know that with work you can figure out what was done to you, how it was done, what it has impacted and abnormally shaped, and show that we can overcome it.
I want to meet new friends, and find mentors that can help me mature in ways that I need and want to.
I want to share and write in ways that cause those in the free world to see in me a soul of worth, a life of value, and an asset that holds so much promise.
I want big things, to do bigger things, and find ways to help others do the very same.

You see, we don’t find the blessings that we seek in our lives until we become the blessings others need to be alive. You matter so much, and we all have a responsibility to try our best to give as much as we have been given. Do I have it all figured out? Know it all? No, the older I am the more I realize I don’t know, but I am determined to keep learning, giving, sharing, trusting, and believing that together we can do anything.

I believe that there is power in the name of Jesus, and in His name, I claim all that I have shared will be. I claim healing in your life, protection and provision, favor and progress in all areas, love so rich and full it makes your hearts two sizes bigger, and an understanding of others that comes from taking the time to know self.

Take the time to talk to God, pray big, have faith that He wants the best for us, and that in His son’s name we can have it. He will only give us what glorifies Him and is what we need, so before you say “He didn’t hear”, consider what not answering is giving.

I would like to encourage you to check out the podcast “Quote of the Day,” and every morning take the time to soak in the powerful motivation those men and women offer there. Consider it breakfast for the heart and mind, and let those messages sink down into your conscious mind. I promise you that after a week you will find yourself addicted to it, and a month later you won’t know how you began a day without a mentor to inspire you.

We get out what we put in, people, and I want you to put in what will makes you successful. If you have something to say or share, open an email account and send me a message. I respond to everyone that writes, and I’ve never met someone that I couldn’t learn something from.

God bless you.



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