The news…nothing new here.

For those that have seen the news, you know that the Boy Scouts of America are being exposed for not doing enough to protect children from predators. The organization has known for decades that predators have used its structure to groom, create emotional bonding and, in isolated places, abuse vulnerable and impressionable boys.

I have written in detail about my experiences in Boy Scouts, my abuser Charles “Jack” Walls III, what he did to me and others, and the role that he played in the murders of my family after they sought to expose him. He is just one example of the many pedophiles that have used Scouting to abuse vulnerable boys, trusting parents, and an institution that has not done enough to change what allowed these abuses to take place.

Jack, as he was called by all, lost his first job at a family store for propositioning a young boy in a dressing room. Later, when he attended college and was charged with crimes against children, he was ushered swiftly to go to Vietnam to avoid charges. Upon his return, he volunteered with the Scouts, his family farm was used for campouts, and he perfected his process for the identification and grooming of boys under his care.

It is rumored that Jack abused boys under his care for 30 years, and when a boy named Doug exposed Jack to his father his privileges with the Boy Scout’s organization were revoked — but only on the surface.  Jack did not stop his work with the Order of the Arrow, the Order of the Brotherhood, and used those he had chosen and abused in the name of the BSA to protect himself.

In a deposition that was held in the  Hogan matter, Jack admitted that he had only stopped being involved on the troop level. He continued all other activities that he had always been involved with, and the BSA not once investigated his further participation within their organization. In fact, Jack was able to manipulate my father into allowing Jack to use his name to attend Philmont. Those who attended with Jack knew who he was, the staff at Philmont knew who he was and, until his arrest, he continued to abuse boys in his care.

Jack planned and ordered the attack and attempted murders of the Hogans, forced under duress the murders of my family after I exposed him to them and once, inside prison, he went on to try and silence the two most vulnerable victims he had. Wade Knox. and I.  He offered $5,000 to anyone that would kill me in prison, and he used an unsecured phone at his job in prison to stalk, harass, and berate his nephew until Wade took his life.

Jack is just one pedophile that used the Boy Scouts of America to victimize boys the institution was meant to shape, mold, and inspire to be the leaders of the future. Instead, how many former scouts, abused and molested, have found themselves struggling to function and survive. How many, like myself, have come to prison while the abuse that drove us to such was hidden? I don’t have the numbers for that, yet any research on child sexual abuse survivors and their trauma shines a spotlight on the cost.

How many lives have been destroyed in tents, and instead of earning merit badges they received mental scars that would last for life? I share what I have endured so that others don’t have to, it is traumatic and hard and it hurts, but together we can force this institution of abuse to be accountable.

I encourage any victim to reach out to ABUSEDINSCOUTING.COM, which is advertising on TV, seeking to represent victims of the Boy Scouts. We need those that can and will fight for us, give us a voice, and hold those who failed to make meaningful change to protect boys accountable. It is my hope that both the Boy Scouts and the churches that have sponsored them are exposed for the joint suppression of abuses. Both are institutions that have been infiltrated and used by predators, and our legal system has to contemplate the impact on society of their failure to self-police their members.

It never works, the institution is a business first, and to survive and thrive as such must prune those that become thorns. The boys and their parents didn’t choose to be abused, molested, conditioned, and manipulated into being the playthings of men whose only goal is to rob them of their innocence.

My thoughts and prayers are with every survivor out there, and it is my hope that you find the courage to speak out and save others from the nightmare we lived.

Heath Stocks

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