Epstein: Same story – different predator.

(photo credit:  Daily wire)

Did your stomach clench and heart ache, as mine did, watching the story of Epstein unfold in the media? Mine did, as it always does, when another predator has been exposed for taking advantage of those that are vulnerable to their tricks and manipulation. What hurts the most for me is when others know, are aware of what is happening, and who are willing to work deals that enable an abuser to further victimize the abused.

From the Catholic church with predator priests, to the Boy Scouts molesting Scout Masters, to USA Gymnastics with a traumatizing therapist, our country and world are overrun by the rich, influential, powerful, and predatory. Every position of authority has been subverted, misused by someone with an agenda, and those abuses will not stop unless those with access expose manipulators to those that will hold them accountable.

What can we learn from the Epstein case that will help us to better protect the innocent and most vulnerable? Those with the means and resources can always find ways to exploit those that live in struggle, and those that have can easily identify those that do not. It all goes back to our basic human needs, what is met and what isn’t, and how suspectable we all are when we lack those things that we value and believe represent who we are.

You need only think back to when you were a teen, how hard we all wanted to fit in and be recognized, and what we were willing to do to make that happen. Today, teens face an even more intimidating force bombarding them with information about what it means to be beautiful, successful, loved, wanted, desired, accepted, valued, and even who they are. We live in a world where we depend more on what others say about us, what they like or love or dislike, than what we value based on our own ideas, beliefs, morals?

Now, imagine that someone who represents everything that society says is an example of the elite, and who can offer an opportunity for a teen to experience what few can; travel to exotic locations, ride in personal jets, stay in rich and lavish homes, and experience sensations that few adults have the opportunity to. Imagine the elation of being chosen by someone who could have anyone, share those things with anyone, and YOU are the one that has been picked. Doesn’t that mean that you are special, something you have longed to show and prove to all, and now the tangible proof that you are one of a kind?

…………..how tempting for anyone that ever dreamed of having more.

~ Heath Stocks

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  1. Way to go… never give up! Keep telling our story about the demons that lay in the depths of lonoke, ar.


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