Dear State of Arkansas:

Dear State of Arkansas:

Do you get it?  Do you understand what’s happening?

In justice,

All victims of abuse.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

I am sure that most of you caught the news and the promise that such legislative opportunity offers victims that have long been denied justice.

New York passed the Child Victim’s Act, and this act will enable victims of abuse to file lawsuits against their abusers no matter how long ago it has been. Lawsuits have already been filed against predators in the different church denominations preying on their members, pedophiles that used the Boy Scouts to scout out vulnerable boys to molest, and all the other places where these predators have violated the innocent. Now, victims will have a window of a year to file in civil court, and finally, see justice for what they have suffered. Seventeen other states are due to follow suit, and we are asking Arkansas to follow the conscience of our nation in allowing such here.

The U.S. Government would be hard-pressed to find a more sadistic, manipulative, and evil Boy Scout leader than Charles “Jack” Walls, III. As the son of a powerful attorney and Judge in Arkansas, “Jack” was allowed to groom, condition, and molest hundreds of boys over a 30-year period. He used his place in the Baptist Church, who sponsored the Scouts, to learn what families had issues that he could exploit, and he promoted himself as a specialist when it came to the learning disabled.

Not only did he molest the boys every way a man can, but he conditioned them to protect him with violence if need be. He ordered the assassination of a boy and his father in the early ’90s, after they tried to expose him, and after law enforcement and the prosecution failed to arrest and convict grew bolder. Not only did he force scouts, under duress to try and kill, but in 1997 he forced two scouts to kill one of the boy’s father, mother, and sister. The boy had confessed the abuse to his mother and sister, his mother told their minister, and that minister informed the predator what she knew.

Jack and his father used their connections to suppress all information about the abuse, his actions in the deaths and undermined any defense for the scout that only wanted to expose him.

I am that boy, Heath Stocks, who as a man have done what I can to share my story to empower other victims to speak out. We, abused scouts, want the power to hold our abusers’ accountable, and the institutions that enabled them and covered up their liable actions.

Every church that has sponsored the Boy Scouts, who allowed a predator to abuse and traumatize boys, should be held as accountable as the minister himself did the molesting. What I found eye-opening were the victims in their 50s and 60s, now able to express and confront their trauma, are being allowed to do what they couldn’t as children or young adults.

Marcy Hamilton of Child USA said that this is important because science today shows that most victims don’t come to terms with their abuse until the average age of 51. New York and the other states are using mental health evidence to inform conscientious legislation, and turning away from the millions that such institutions have used to lobby against such. How many states will refuse to pass such changes to the laws knowing that to do so is to empower and embolden violators instead of victims?

Eighteen states are prepared to say that a victim can’t show due diligence in coming forward about the impact of abuse, because what victim can analyze, articulate, and communicate the trauma on their own?

How can anyone expect a victim, struggling with the emotional and mental trauma, to repeat over and over what was done to them in detail until someone says they deserve justice?

As most of you know, I have filed an appeal in my criminal case based on the suppression of the child abuse I suffered, my abuser’s masterminding the murders, and the misconduct of prosecutor’s office, my attorneys, and the Judge. Locally and at the state level, my appeal’s merits have been questioned based on due diligence, but 18 states are saying that due diligence is no excuse to deny justice.

If time can’t erase the impact of abuse and demands accountability for justice in a civil matter, then will legislators recognize the same in a criminal matter?

Please ask your senators and representatives to create and pass our state’s version of the Child Victim’s Act, and then allow victims a chance to present their cases before courts allowed to hear the truth about the horrors we have endured. I wonder how many courts in these states will rule that the Child Victim’s Act violates due diligence?

Please reach out to one another, encourage each other to speak out, and tell our representative that statutes of limitations only limit accountability. While your at it, pay attention to what your elected officials do when confronted with wealthy predators. Do they seek justice or a conviction, and what does the end result mean for the victims?



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