Abused In Scouting – fighting for you and me!

I know that many of you have seen the posts that we have been sharing about by abuse in the Boy Scouts, the role of that abuse in the crimes that put me into prison, and those in the system that protected by abuser rather than expose him for what he was and is. I firmly believe that together we can make a difference in life, for others, and in reforming the institutions that have enabled abusers to victimize generations of youths. The cost of such abuse, the traumas that it has caused, can’t be easily estimated, but the impact of that abuse on every aspect of a survivor’s life is certainly vast.

I know all too well the ways that abuse warped the way I saw myself, others, and the world around me and in ways that undermined my ability to think, feel, and act reasonably or rationally. How many others have struggled for years with chemical addictions, sexual problems, relationship dysfunction, family disputes, and never grasping the root causes of that inner discord?

I want to encourage you, as a survivor of sexual abuse by Charles “Jack” Walls, III, to reach out to the law firms at Abused In Scouting (A.I.S.), and let them represent your efforts to gain justice for the violations we all endured. Yes, I am one of those being represented by them, and it is unknown how long we will be allowed to seek accountability.

Charles “Jack” Walls, III and those that helped his father enable his reign of terror in Boy Scouts will only be exposed if you come forward and reveal their parts in this nightmare.

A.I.S. represents the people against the powerful, and as a victim of Walls, we know that powerful people can manipulate the system if not kept in check. All that I am asking is that you find representation that is experienced in seeking justice, no matter who they must fight, and I am forever gracious for them fighting for me.

I would also like to thank Matt Stewart, a dear and devoted friend, who survived abuse by his Boy Scout Master and then fought back. We all have those around us that have enabled our ability to overcome the past, and I hope that you have been as blessed as I to have a network of supporters. No one wanted to represent me in prison, as if my loss and pain were worth less than others, and that to me reveals an integrity that is rare anywhere.

Check out the progress of A.I.S.

Contact A.I,S. HERE

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