Jack’s rights – and YOUR rights

As most of you have already heard, Jack has filed a petition for clemency and, as is his right, that petition will be considered by the parole board and Governor.

Clemency is a process where you file a petition for a time reduction, based on different arguments, and if the clemency board finds that your petition has merit they can vote for its consideration. After that, they set a date where you can appear before two members of the board, present your plea, have supporters speak on your behalf, and then those two members share with the other board members their findings. they can vote for or against, and then their recommendation is sent to Governor. There is also a hearing for the victims, prosecuting attorney and law enforcement, that gathers information against the petition and why.

Next, the clemency is sent to the Governor’s office, and he has the final say over if the applicant’s clemency is granted and how. He can grant, deny, or even ignore the petition until the time for its answer has passed. A clemency that isn’t ruled on is treated like one that is denied and, based on the sentence, you are required to wait a number of years before reapplying.

Clemency affords the victims, prosecuting attorney, police, and the public to comment on each petition by letter, email, or phone call. YOU have to vote to matter in any election, and in every clemency you have to take the time to write or communicate your views to be heard.

As a victim of Jack and a survivor of the severe abuses he committed against us, I will be writing the Clemency/Parole Board myself to state why I believe that Jack should be denied. IF you are struggling with how to describe your trauma, what was done to you, then I want to suggest the website we have created to share my views and understanding of the abuse’s impact. You may use what I have shared (see my blog) to help you put together your arguments, or you may cite the website as a source for many reasons why Jack is not fit to be released. Please make note of those that are still in office that failed to prosecute Jack, and bring attention to the fact that many are still in one office or another after shielding a predator from prosecution. Jack and Judge Walls had the power to get others to break laws in order to keep the Judge’s favor and Jack free from prosecution.

Former Chief of Police Charles Peckat and Former Prosecuting Attorney Betty Dickey were outsiders that investigated, charged, and prosecuted Jack when the rest sought to undermine the whole case. It is my hope that we may all remember the devotion to justice and law that both put into the case, and what it uncovered about those who blamed and still blame victims for not doing enough. Don’t forget those that failed the Hogan’s, those that failed us all, and don’t forget that if it had been up to them Jack would have walked free then, too.

Every letter, email, phone call, matters in presenting a full picture of who Jack was, who the Walls family was, and why it is so important for us to expose those that manipulate the justice system to serve themselves not justice.

Charles “Jack” Walls III is responsible for the deaths of my mom, father, and sister. He is responsible for Wade Knox killing himself after Jack called and stalked him from prison. Charles “Jack” Walls III has seduced and molested young men in prison, and he brags on his manipulation and persuasive power over victims to every child predator he comes across. I know because I have lived inside prison system with him, where those predators repeat the gloating, and come to me willing to share just to see how I might react.

Jack Walls has no remorse at all for what he did, does, and would continue to do if allowed. Just as the #metoo movement empowered victims to come forward, I am asking that you, too, come forward to tell your story. If you know others that abused or those protected them, please include that in your letters so that the information is part of the official record. Today, more and more predators are being exposed with technology and social media, and I encourage each of you to use it to help other victims see how to fight free.

IF you were victimized by Jack and never got the opportunity to share it, then now is your chance to free yourself from that burden. No matter how many years it has been, you won’t know what it means to be free until you let that secret go. We will attempt to offer links to all those that you can send messages to on the site, and I applaud you for getting involved. I personally want to thank Chief Charles Peckatt, Prosecutor Betty Dickey, Victim coordinator Joye Cook, the many law enforcement, victims and their families that aided in bringing Charles “Jack” Walls III, to justice. My prayers and thoughts are with you, and as hard as this might be know everything can be used to help you grow, become stronger, and find a deeper purpose in life.


Arkansas Parole Board (Victim Input) by calling: 501-682-3850
or email: APB.Victim.Input@Arkansas.gov

Arkansas Parole Board
Two Union National Plaza
105 W Capitol Avenue #500
Little Rock, AR 72201-5730

make sure you provide the following information: [Charles Walls, ADC NO. 111912]


  1. Heath,

    I appreciate your commitment to see Justice delivered for Jack Walls. God bless and keep you. The injustice against you must be exposed.


  2. The system protected this monster for many years. It makes me sick to know he is still molesting people. He should never be allowed to be free.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I remember the day I heard about your case. At the time I did not have the courage to come forward as a victim of child molestation. I was 42 years old before I could say the words out loud. I have kept up with your case over the years in hopes that you had been granted parole. Today I sent an email to the parole board. The state of Arkansas failed you, Wade and all the others . I will continue to send emails and I never forgot about you!


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