Make it known, YOU are supported.

I would like to commend every victim that has come forward to share their abuse with the attorneys at AIS (Abused In Scouts).

Recently, a confidential Questionnaire was sent out to their clients that asked a lot of questions, and I know some of you found it intimidating and rough going. Please believe in yourself, allow yourself to purge the pain, and realize that this may be your one chance to share exactly what happened to you.

Most will find the personal information about who you are, etc. self-explanatory, but the remaining may trigger some unpleasant memories that have been buried for decades. Please take a deep breath, ask God to grant you the grace to endure and, as you purge yourself, know there is freedom in sharing. You can trust those that will get that information to act on it, and what you share is what will help the courts decide how much damage Charles “Jack” Walls III or some other Boy Scout Leader did in abusing you. Please share all that you can remember about the person or persons that abused you, adults that witnessed the grooming, and any illegal actions that other adults should have seen.

I don’t know if your experiences were similar to mine, but I imagine that most of the victims of Charles “Jack” Walls III endured similar grooming, abuse, manipulation, and conditioning. Please think back to all those that sponsored the Boy Scout Troop you were in, the buildings or churches where you met, and exactly where the abuse took place. I know that Jack abused me and most that I knew at the Walls Farm, his home, in his truck, and in my own home. Jack used the Order of the Arrow, Brotherhood of the Arrow, Boy Scout Camps, and Philmont as tools to recruit and groom victims, and he used ceremonies in the Boy Scouts to secretly pick those he would abuse.

Many adults in the Boy Scouts were aware of the illegal actions that Jack routinely did to offer his boys special privileges, and all of those things were red flags that should have led to immediate investigation and termination. Parents did complain about the alcohol that Jack brought on camp outs to lower boys inhibitions, and in isolated places used those lowered mental states to abuse. Please recall all adults that knew of, saw, or participated in the introduction of these mind-altering substances for the purposes of exploiting us as impressionable boys.

Please share if you ever told a friend, adult, teacher, coach, police officer, church leader, family member of the drinking, smoking, or abuse at any point where Jack or others used the Scouts as a tool to get you into a situation they could exploit. Please know that as a child you may have tried to communicate what was happening to you in ways that reflect your age, emotional stability, and maturity. You were a victim preyed on by a predator, and no one has any right to claim you should have been able to do what so many adults and mandatory reporters failed to. Many teachers, doctors, attorneys, business leaders, politicians knew what Charles “Jack” Walls III was, and they were more loyal to his father than to the community that both manipulated for professional and personal gain. Outsiders had to investigate and charge Jack with abuse after decades of insiders failing to tells a story that none of them want told.

You now have the chance to share the details that Jack used to brag about, how his father taught him to gather information, and then forced others to his will with that information. Did you ever get into trouble and Jack or his father use their influence to get you out of it? Did you hear of Jack using his father’s connection to suppress abuse allegations? I would also like to encourage other adults to share what you knew about or heard about, and in so doing know that you can enable a victim to better share through those verifying details. The more information we can offer these attorneys to seek justice on our behalf, then the more they can expose about those that enabled Jack’s reign of terror to last for at least 30 years.

If you struggled with your abuse and Jack’s introducing you to addictive substances, then please share that information and what it did to your life. Please share in as much detail as you can about the abuse itself, who may have witnessed it, and what others you saw called into Jack or another’s tent to drink. So much of what was done seemed to be a cool adult allowing what no other would, but Jack used everything he did in scouts to serve his goal of molestation. If you ever saw any other adults on camp outs with Jack, inviting boys to drink in their tent, then please report that and whom it was.

If you got into trouble in the course of you trying to cope with the trauma, then please share what happened and why. Many police and the prosecutors in Lonoke for years punished victims for crimes that were acts of victims in pain, but they refused to acknowledge the root causes that led to them.

Today, there are child advocacy centers to help victims do what those in the justice system say that we should have alone, and overcome their own biases and conflicts of interests that protected our abuser. I want to also encourage you to share what the abuse caused in your home, because Jack often played boys against their parents to be in a position of manipulation and power. Jack promoted himself as a mentor to troubled boys, and he got that information at church, social gatherings, from his wife, and other family members. Jack was trained well by his father in how to gather information, expose secrets, and use both for the overcoming and exploitation of anyone. Judge Walls used his position in the Baptist Church as a Sunday School teacher, member in the Arkansas Bar Association, 32nd Degree Masonic Mason, School Board, Kiwanis Club, Chamber of Commerce, and Lonoke Industrial Commission. As a trained member of the O.S.S., the intelligence gathering office that predated the C.I.A., I think anyone with a brain can understand how Judge Walls and his son manipulated the city and county of Lonoke to their will.

Many of you know the details that can help these outsiders gather the information to expose the agents that worked for the Walls, and whom turned a blind eye to our molestation for their own personal gain. If you know of any women that Jack used for the purposes of sex, then please share those experiences as well. I know of at least two, who were never charged, and one that currently has a business working with children. Those women were tools that Jack used that were just as intoxicating as the alcohol, and just as manipulative as the adult novels. If Jack manipulated you into bringing girls to his or other boys houses for sex, please share who and when to help those investigating understand the depth of Jack’s depravity.

You have the power to hold them all accountable today, and every question that you answer has the potential to do that. Arkansas has refused to acknowledge the impact of the abuse of Charles “Jack” Walls III on all those that he abused, and the beginning of that now begins with us sharing all we can. Please consider what I have shared, those in Arkansas and Worldwide, as you share and bring to light what being a Boy Scout cost you as an abuse victim.

 We are in this together, and we will overcome the trauma. I hope that my sharing will encourage your efforts, and as survivors we help others “Be Prepared.”

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