We have news to share….

It’s been some time since we’ve posted an update or shared any information, but today will make up for the recent silence!

First of all…… please keep a look out for an article that will run in the Arkansas Democrat TOMORROW, August 16, 2020. We pray that the words shared with the reporter will be shared with you in a way that accurately conveys Heath’s story. We plan to share a link to the article once posted.

Also……we at Hope 4 Heath are excited to announce that Heath will soon submit to the Arkansas Parole Board his bid for CLEMENCY. Highly motivated legal representation has been obtained who believe the time is right and we couldn’t agree more!!

Heath’s family support this decision and hope to have your support as well. This is not a solo endeavor and understand the importance of team work, direction and guidance. Please keep your eyes open for upcoming, more detailed announcements on how you can join our efforts in giving Heath all the assistance possible.

At this time, we are offering you, his family, friends and supporters an opportunity to provide the Parole Board with a letter of support. if you have been a volunteer at Tucker, where Heath is housed, we have provided a special letter for you. Links to these letters have been placed on Heath’s website. We ask you to please download and print the letter, sign and date it and provide it to Heath’s attorney by mail, email or fax. His information is on the letter or you can find it below:

Michael K. Kaiser
Attorney at law
813 W. 3rd St.
Little Rock, AR’72201
Email: Michael@LCArkLaw.com
Fax: 501-370-9306

Thank you all! Don’t forget to check back soon for more exciting news!

Hope 4 Heath


  1. Heath Stocks is a victim. Jack Walls has no rights, in my opinion. He gave them up when he ruined so many boys Lives. Heath committed a horrible crime, but without Jack Walls brainwashing, it would never happened. Heath should be walking the streets, as a free man.


  2. I followed this story of this young man for many years, I hope and pray someobe will help him be free, He had suffered enough.


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