I miss you….

I wanted to write and thank everyone for their recent Birthday and Thanksgiving day wishes, because each and every one means the world to me. In fact, it is my heart-felt hope and prayer that you will consider reaching out to me by letter, email, or by getting on my visitation list so that we might visit on video visits.

I can’t tell you how hard it has been to be cut off from so many this past year due to Covid – 19, and it would be a huge gift to re-connect with anyone that has ever written or would like to. You have my word that I will write each person back. I believe that I can offer something to everyone that is both unique, special, and real. If you long to do something for Christmas that could bring me immeasurable joy, then put pen to paper or open an email account through Access Corrections with your computer. Sorry, everyone, I know that the mobile app does not work anymore, but please don’t give up on the effort or offering.

Please take care of yourselves, be blessed this Christmas, and may the New Year put us all closer to where we long to be. 🙂 If anyone has talked to Mrs. Debra Mock or Mrs. Cheryl Human, please let them know I am interested in touching base. If anyone would prefer offering their address for me to write first, then please pass them on to Samantha Jones at hope4heath@gmail.com. I don’t get much mail and anything you do on social media has to be related by others, so consider the gift of yourself this year to someone that would love just that.

We continue to thank you all for your support and unwavering faith, and in 2021 we can eagerly watch as the book is published, shared, and the world come to know our story. May love fill you to overflowing, dear ones, and those around you be blessed by your presence, passing, and the purposes God created you for.



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