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California Felonizes Some Prosecutorial Misconduct

Loaded on NOV. 16, 2017 by Matthew Clarke published in Criminal Legal News December 2017, page 21 The title is a recent article published in Criminal Legal News and exposes what many may not know about the legal system. In the past, prosecutorial misconduct, like altering or intentionally withholding evidence that could help exonerate a defendant, went… Continue reading California Felonizes Some Prosecutorial Misconduct

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Is history doomed to repeat?

In what calls to mind the events of 25 years ago, officials in Lonoke are once again defending the actions of former prosecuting attorney Larry Cook. Larry Cook, the current public defender in Lonoke County, who many forget was in office when the Hogan case was mishandled in such a way as to suggest a… Continue reading Is history doomed to repeat?

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To change or not to change?

I am sure that most of you have seen the recent media coverage of the ADC and its Director focusing on the violence and assaults. It would appear from the outside looking in that there is no control, the system is failing, and we only need to fix it by pointing to the one over… Continue reading To change or not to change?